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"More than 15 years experience"

Sound engineers renowned and graduate based on Paris

With their own recording studio

Thanks to outsourcing of all your audio projects,

today we are able to offer

prices among the lowest.

Worthy of the greatest studios

accessible to everyone.



Mixing is the step that comes
after the audio capture

During the mix,the sound engineer adjusts the volume and the effects of each instrument or voice The final rendering has to be consistent and of the highest quality . After you have cleaned the tracks as breaths and plosives unwanted, the engineer works on EQ, on dynamics processing (compressor, limiter, etc ...) , pan and so on...

In addition to a technical stage (equalization and dynamic compression...), mixing is also artistic . This is why the choice of the engineer is extremely important. The codes of each musical style must be mastered by sound engineer in order to achieve the best possible mix and therefore choose the appropriate effects

It could be important to have a discussion with the artist before Mixing : do not hesitate to email us to share your ideas. Of course the engineer cleans the tracks , work on frequencies , compress... But it can also , if desired , provide artistic choices such as delays on some sensible voice or instrument...


Equalization, dynamic compression on a stereo track in order to showcase your mix

Optimized for all different listening systems (internet, hi-fi , radio , mp3 etc ...)

Homogeneity of all different stereo tracks and a sound level louder.

Let's share our artistic ideas !



It's a master not on a single stereo audio track but on track groups .(e.g : A track for drums + a track for Melody : violins , guitars etc... + a track to any other similar instrument + a track for your voices ) . In that example , the master is made from 4 stereo audio tracks . This allows more accurate master.

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For the first mix, audioharmo offers free online mixing sample test ( 1 minute sample ) to compare and validate our work. The tests are now at the price of 6 € refundable on the price of the order if the sample test suits you. The prices quoted below are the prices for one e- mix ( online mix ) of maximum 24 tracks. Beyond 24 tracks per song, the 25th track is considered the first track of a new song.Declining prices depending on the quantity purchased (see below)

Declining prices depending on the quantity purchased (see below)

For mastering multitrack : additional 10 euros per song .

Deadlines for mixes and online masterings currently 72 hours after receipt of your tracks and receipt of your payment . For free tests , deadlines are 5 days max...

The first three changes are free.

the following changes will be charged at 10 euros.

All Separated track export is charged € 10.

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"Get your tracks ready"

Remove all plugs (compressor, reverb, delay..) on each track and master.

Refocus all panoramic.

Keeping only the effects you want to keep.

Tracks must be consolidated ( bounced) from the same location.

Export each audio and MIDI track individually in a "solo" mode .

AVOID SATURATION : Bounce your separated tracks at a noise level of about -5 dB

Export your files in wav format 16 or 24 bits and 44kHz.

If you have no choice some tracks can be exported,of course, in mp3 format (internet sources: sounds, instrumental etc ...)

it is useless to convert mp3 to wav: the lost data (when converting to mp3 from wav) can not be rebuilt. Only the name of the file extension will be changed.

Check the weight of your files that you are about to send. We often get empty files which are shortcuts from your desktop. For example an audio file under 3 MB is rarely valid.

Before sending your files, check that the tracks don't saturate.

clic on the arrow below to reach the web site in order to upload your files

we use secure file transfer service "WE TRANSFER". Access is fast. Enter the mail AUDIOHARMO:


Your mail. Adding your files : up to 2 gigabytes available, and SEND! It's simple! We have your return mail directly.


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